DEN-TEX Angus is owned by John & Charlene Denton and Steve & Debbie Denton. Located in the "heart of Texas" 13 miles East of Waco, DEN-TEX goal is to produce the finest Angus genetics with balanced breeding for the registered and commercial cattleman alike. DEN-TEX works closely with Parker Friedrich Marketing & Consulting andProtocol Nutrition Services, Animal Health and Medical Center.

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  • Bulls are pasture raised and range ready.
  • Bulls are gentle and easy to work.
  • Bulls have balanced EPDs, and many are low birth weight and high weaning weight.
  • Bulls are vaccinated, wormed and fertility tested by a certified verterinarian.
  • Bulls sell with a virgin status certification and registration papers.


  • DEN-TEX has a nice selection of weaned calves, yearlings, bred heifers and pairs.
  • All cattle are vaccinated, wormed and palpated by a certified veterinarian.
  • Females have been mated for balanced productivity for your herd.


  • Since we do not show cattle, you get your pick! Call for an appointment today.
  • Calves are fed on a creep feeder along with their mothers to receive maximum growth.
  • All calves are vaccinated, wormed and healthy for the show circuit.





626 W. Denton Rd., Axtell, TX 76624

JOHN DENTON office 254-822-1501 • cell 254-405-0900
STEVE DENTON cell 254-405-0931


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